Uncanny Location Words

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Uncanny Location Words

Here are some of the locations we have found, where the location words seem quite relevant to that specific location or area.


Biomedical Sciences Building

Here we find the word Diphtheria as a GPS Word for the University Biomedical Sciences Building.

If the user clicks the word, the pop-up dictionary will inform you that Diphtheria is a very dangerous and contagious disease, coating the air passages with a false membrane, which is produced by the solidification of an inflammatory exudation.



This is only funny to anyone who has watched multple computer simulations of how the henge was built. This also seems a comical contrast to have the very modern words computer simulation locate the one of the oldest sites.


Salisbury Cathedral

The design and architecture of this building is outstanding, so how uncanny to have these GPS Words for it’s location.

The dictionay pop-up defines Asymmetric as incommensurable, and Schema is defined as an outline or image universally applicable to a general conception in ones own mind. Like how Five dots in a line represents the number 5 in your mind.

Isle of White


Between Newport Electricity Substation and the cemetry are these location words, bit negative (joke)


St. Johns Inovation Centre

The home of openstreetmap.org who kindly provide the mapping used on this site for free. Such a generous contribution to the web development community deserves a big thanks and respect.


1 Hacker Way

We could have a whole page on excellent gps word combinations for facebook / meta in this area.

io = an exclamation of joy

chaps = the fleshy part around the jaws

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