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Learn New Words

This website is a fun and interactive way for anyone of any age to learn new words and their meanings.

The intention is for the user to browse the map looking up places of interest, and where ever the user clicks, those gps coordinates are converted into a series of four words.

Learn Word Definitions

Clicking on any of the four words activates a pop-up dictionary displaying the word definition, along with an automated voice to read aloud for anyone suffering with sight loss.

Learn Encryption

For entertainment, you can also learn how to encrypt valuable and relevant information, which could be critical to the situation at that location, into a single word using just a five digit number.

Learn Morse Code

This website also teaches you how to use morse code, and enables you to transmit your morse code using a mobile radio, along a pipe or through a wall with your phone speaker – if you select a low frequency.

Morse code is such a valuable form of communication, and adding this skill to your knowledge base could one day be very important.

What are GPS Words

We use a database of 100,000 words, and each word in alphabetical order from A to Z represents a number from 0 to 99999.

The GPS coordinates for an example location are:

Lat: 51.50072 x Lng: -0.12459

which using our m4n algorithm converts to :

45352 50072 12459 00000

Okay, now for fun, we match each five-digit number with the corresponding numbered word from the database, which reveals :

do kind cachepot here

If you enter these four numbers or words into the search field on the website, you will be directed to that location.

The first word represents a combination of the whole parts of the GPS coordinates, i.e. 51 and -0 = 45352

Each of the five decimals for Latitude and Longitude make up the second and third numers.

The fourth number / word is used to describe the situation at that location. For example :

do kind cachepot dishwasher

This now informs us that the person is in a wheelchair, they are deaf and they are on the 97th floor at that location.

For Precision, the fourth number can also be used to incorporate a further 2 numbers for both the latitude and longitude. This allows us to encode GPS coordinates up to 7 decimal places, effectively a single cm within four words and transmit those GPS coordinates using morse code.

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