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Password Inspiration

Password Security

Changing your password frequently is good practice, but sometimes we suffer a mental block.

This is from the pressure of trying to think of something crafty to out smart a potential hacker.

Just for fun, you could use GPS Words to help you.

Use the map to select somewhere at random, or maybe somewhere significant to see which location words are calculated for that spot.

You could also use the numbers or a combination of both.

Help with Lost Passwords

If you did use a specific location to generate a series of words, or as inspiration for a password. If you later forgot that password, you could look up the location on the map again to get a clue, and only you would know that.

Even if you didn’t find the exact spot, the words are in alphabetical order so you could use the cursor buttons to move around the area on the map and cycle through the location words.


Sometimes certain words may need to be reviewed for various reasons, so we cannot bear any responsibility towards a users choice of password based on a location word. The only thing certain about a location are the GPS coordinates and possibly it’s altitude.

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