What are GPS Words?

This website is for entertainment and educational use. We use locations to help you to learn new words along with the dictionary meaning of the word. You can also listen to how to say it, although that depends on which of the funny voices you selected from the Voice Assistant.

On this website, we convert a set of GPS coordinates along with other relevant information into a format of four x five-digit numbers. Each number is combined with a database of 100,000 words in alphabetical order, which gives us four GPS Words.

This allows you to select any location to reveal the associated location words and then use the on-screen arrows to move in any direction, thus changing each word alphabetically.

The fourth word actually refers to the situation at that location, which could indicate the environmental pressures, weather conditions or other crucial information.

Combining all four words into a GPS Location allows us to refer to any single cm anywhere on the planet at ground level, or any individual meter up to 100,000 km above or below sea level in a 3d perspective.

Educational Use


This website is intended for entertainment and education purposes. Many of the words in our database are sometimes complicated and may be difficult to understand or pronounce correctly. To help with this, each location word activates a pop-up dictionary when pressed or selected. The dictionary displays the definition of your selected word, along with an automated voice, which is gratefuly provided by your internet browser.

Moving to the next word can be easily achieved by pressing the on-screen arrows.

Other Mapping Technologies


There are a few large organisations offering very professional addressing services to solve various postal issues using a series of words or a combination of words and numbers to point directly to an address. You can even request certain location words to match your business, and all the words are easy to pronounce etc.,