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How to use this website


Hi there and welcome to our fun and educational website.

When you open the website, the map automatically shows your location marker in London.

You can zoom out on the map and manually select a location or if you press the on-screen locate button, you will be asked permission to access your device GPS. Once granted, the map will show you at your current location.

When you have selected the location, you can modify the location words slightly by using the onscreen cursor buttons to move around and thus change the location words in alphabetical order.

You have the option to just encode the location GPS or add extra information. Select SOS or General Location to see the on-screen options to set flags for the extra information.

By pressing or selecting one of the location words, this will activate a pop-up dictionary which will display the selected words meaning or definition. As the pop-up appears, an automated voice will speak the word and its meaning,

You can change the voice in the Voice Assistant. These voices and the technology behind it belong to your internet browser. Safari and Chrome on mobile has lots of humerous voices to chose from. Firefox on the desktop only list a few but they are very good and quite realistic.

With your location and situation encoded, you have a choice of methods to relay this information. If you press ‘Morse’ then a screen will pop-up with the morse commands. Already entered will be your number location, press Play and this will commence. You have other options such as speed and wait time, along with frequency. A dull low frequency would allow the morse to be heard along a pipe or through a wall.

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