Sponsor a Word for Remembrance

Many people have favourite words, and with this service, you can sponsor one of our GPS Words. This will show a message on the dictionary page below the word definition. Usually, this will be the person’s name, a date range, job title or company, university etc., along with a short message of condolence.

Sponsor a Word for Other

If you would like to sponsor a word for a different reason, simply select your desired word and modify your entry accordingly. This can be for any promotional reason other than company advertising or to promote a religious or political group, cult, or sect with any anti-social behavioural, or illegal practices.

Sponsor a Word for Advertising

Sponsor a word relating to your business name, trade or GPS location. Tailor your message to promote you or your business. Currently, this does not allow for direct linking to your site but we are considering this as a future feature.