Funny Words

Funny Words

The English Language is full of hilarious and historic words with unimaginable meanings. It is also noticable how we like to adopt quite a lot of words from other languages. Maybe this is the result of Britain becoming so multi-cultural, but with each daily global event, colourful new words join the gang. Sometimes we have to correct the spelling and sometimes we allow the words to fly as they are.

For the GPS Words database we started with 210 thousand words, so due to mobile screen restrictions I removed all the words longer than 14 characters, leaving me with 110 thousand – remarkable. There was also quite a few old words which would be unsuitable for children, and some which are just unsuitable for anything. I really hope all have been removed but if you should discover one, please let me know and it shall be swapped with a person’s name or something.

There are other websites which can convert words into locations, including which is a light-hearted approach to map addressing, and of course what3words

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